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Benefits of Smiling

Shine Your Smile at Optima Dental

A simple smile can turn anyone’s day around. Whether you’re forcing it out or not, smiling can make you happier, relieve stress, help you appear more approachable, alleviate pain, and more.

We know some people may not be as confident to smile due to their dental flaws, but everyone deserves to receive the necessary care they need to attain a healthy smile. Dr. Houenou and our team at Optima Dental want to help patients boost their self-esteem so they can experience all the benefits of their beautiful smile.

Discover what it means to achieve a flawless smile with Dr. Houenou and learn about the many benefits everyone can enjoy from the subtle expression.

Boost Your Mood

Whenever you’re feeling down, simply try to grin and perceive how you feel. You’ll notice an increase in happiness and positivity, and you’ll see that your gloomy mood has nearly gone away.

When you smile, your brain and body release these “feel-good” chemicals-- serotonin, endorphins, and dopamine-- which all contribute to your mood, stress level, and well-being. Remember, the next time you’re having a bad day, smile, and see how it can lift your spirits and put you in a joyful mood.

Reduce Your Stress

If you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed in a certain situation, see how smiling can help your mind and body deal with it in an effective manner.

When you smile, your blood pressure decreases, which is a good sign for your heart. As your blood pressure goes does, it helps you relax and lowers your heart rate during stressful situations.

So, the next time you feel tense from something going on in your life, try to maintain a smile so you can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate in order to calm down.

Build Lasting Relationships

Have you ever walked by someone who smiles at you and you instantly notice yourself returning the friendly gesture? Smiling is a contagious act that can help make you appear more approachable and welcoming.

Using your smile to appear more affable and likeable to others makes it easier to build friendships. Obtaining good, healthy relationships can contribute to our overall happiness and interpersonal skills with those around us.

Go out, have fun, and meet new people with your stunning smile. You’ll create special bonds with others you’d never expect.

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Improve Your Health

Did you ever think that a smile or slight laugh could help build a stronger immune system? Or, how about that it can act as a natural pain killer?

It’s been found that negative thoughts can decrease your body’s immunity-- meaning, smiling can really be the best medicine. When you laugh or think positive thoughts, your brain releases those “feel-good” chemicals that fight stress and illnesses, helping improve your overall health.

A study also found that laughing can increase your pain threshold, which reflects as a pain reliever for an injury, illness, or a disease.

Live a Longer Life

We know that a smile can make a person appear more attractive, but did you know it can help you maintain your youth? Research has found that smiling and laughter can actually add years to your life, increasing your overall lifespan-- in fact, it adds an average of seven years.

There’s no need to constantly be unhappy or grouchy. By expressing your beautiful smile, you’ll be able to improve the overall quality of your life.

Experience Your Smile Benefits Today

Dr. Houenou and our team want every one of our patients to happily smile no matter what. If you’re a bit self-conscious to smile due to a crooked tooth, a missing tooth, discolored teeth, or any other dental issue, we can help.

We can rejuvenate your smile with any of our cosmetic, restorative, or general dentistry services as soon as you visit our Lawrenceville office. Call us today at (770) 962-4322 to transform your smile and experience the benefits of a healthy smile.

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