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Dental Vibe

Dental Vibe

Scientists have found new ways to use vibrations when performing dental procedures over the years. At Optima Dental, we now use Dental Vibe to reduce pain and discomfort for our patients.

This breakthrough is very significant in the world of dentistry, because fear of the dentist is very common everywhere, and that’s usually because of the pain of injections. But now we offer the Dental Vibe Device as another option for our patients to feel no pain at all as they receive the dental treatments they need. And it is perfectly ideal for patients who dread needles.

What is Dental Vibe?

Normally, we use local anesthesia for many dental procedures. That usually involves injecting a needle into the gums, which some patients find intimidating and painful. But when you go to our clinic in Lawrenceville, Georgia you don’t have to worry about needles and pain because we now have the option to use Dental Vibe.

This device vibrates very quickly, and the vibration changes the way your nervous system transmits pain messages to your brain. You’ll only feel a somewhat tickling vibe along your gums, and this sensation is actually quite pleasant. That’s the feeling you get before the dentist administers the anesthetic injection. The vibrational feeling disrupts how your brain senses the insertion of the needle, so the entire injection procedure is less painful, less stressful, and much more comfortable.

How Does It Work?

The Dental Vibe device stimulates the area with vibrations, and this sensation is received by the brain twice as fast as the pain signals transmitted when the needle is injected. The tip of the device is designed for comfort, and it also creates a buzzing sound that distracts the patient from the injection.

It works very quickly, and you can get your anesthetic injection within a minute after using the Dental Vibe device. The device also has an automatic pressure sensor for additional safety. If too much force is applied, then it automatically shuts itself off.

All in all, the Dental Vibe device provides a soothing and calming atmosphere for injections. It’s a great way to deal with fear of needles when you’re in our clinic.

It’s Easy to Use

The Dental Vibe device is great for patients, and it’s very easy for our dentists as well. It’s battery-operated, so there’s no inconvenient electrical wire to deal with. It also comes with LED illumination so we can see where we put it. And it is rated for use for both adults and children alike.

There’s even no need for extensive training to use the Dental Vibe device properly. All we need to remember is to install a comfortable tip to the device, and we’re ready to go. After a minute of vibrations, the patient can be injected and he won’t feel a thing.

If you’re one of those who absolutely dread the thought of needles and painful injections, then call us at (770) 962-4322. Our dental clinic here in Lawrenceville, Georgia features the revolutionary Dental Vibe that offers pain-free dental visits. At Optima Dental, your comfort is our priority.

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