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Oral Conscious Sedation

Just about every dental clinic in the world is concerned about the function and appearance of their patient’s teeth. But at Optima Dental, not only are we concerned about your teeth’s function and appearance, but we also consider your comfort as our priority. We don’t want you to anxious about your upcoming dental procedure. Thankfully, we can give you the option of using oral conscious sedation to ease your worries.

What is Oral Conscious Sedation?

Some of our patients used to believe that there were only two ways for them to avoid feeling the pain associated with dental procedures. That is by using (1) local anesthesia, or (2) general anesthesia.

Oral conscious sedation is the middle ground. It is not really used for specific dental procedures and it’s not a standard element of any dental method. It doesn’t treat oral issues at all. But what it does is treat your anxiety.

At Optima Dental, oral conscious sedation is a straightforward process. You just take a pill, and then we wait for a little while until you feel its effects. The effects can last for about 2 to 6 hours, and we tailor the dosage to the time needed to complete the dental procedure we need to do.

The use of oral conscious sedation is not really for reducing the pain—although it helps on this aspect too. But what it does is it makes you feel more relaxed and less afraid. You will be conscious, but you will feel at ease and comfortable. You won’t really feel the pain, because we will also administer a local anesthesia on the area of your mouth that we will work on.

Pros and Cons of Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation truly eliminates any concerns and worries you may have about your dental treatment. And there’s no reason to worry at all. At all times you’ll have someone with you, and your vitals are going to be continuously monitored. And there are no long-lasting effects to worry about.

As you go through the dental procedures, there’s no feeling of anxiety, which can be stressful if you stay worried for hours. In fact, it may seem that time passes by so quickly, and it may feel like very little time has passed since the dental treatment began. You may not even remember much of it, and that can really help for your next visit. You won’t have any bad experiences to traumatize you and make you hesitant to come back.

All in all, if your anxiety is preventing you from getting the dental treatments you need, then the cost of oral conscious sedation is going to be worth every penny.

If you’re worried about pain when you visit our Lawrenceville Georgia clinic then call us at (770) 962-4322 so we can discuss with you our oral conscious sedation option. We can help make sure you feel relaxed while you are here. At Optima Dental, your comfort is our priority as well.

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