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Soft Tissue Diode Laser

Soft Tissue Diode Laser

Dental lasers have been used in medicine for decades now, and the first dental diode laser was introduced back in 1995. That’s a long time ago, and today the soft tissue diode laser is already widely available and it has also become better and more effective. We’ve often wondered why not all dental practice offer soft tissue diode laser. At Optima Dental, we’re fully in the 21st century, and we offer it as another tool to help us provide our patients with more effective dental treatments and solutions.

Advantages for the Patient

Using the soft tissue diode laser benefits the patient in several ways. For example, if you come to us for routine scaling and planning, then the use of the soft tissue diode laser produces better results. The soft tissue diode laser can be used to eliminate bacteria as well as bio-stimulation.

It is also a very handy tool for any procedure that involves gingival tissue (gums). It can be used to vaporize or cut the soft tissue as needed.

The soft tissue diode laser offers several advantages that patients can enjoy. For example, it improves hemostasis which means that any bleeding stops sooner. The patient also experiences less pain and discomfort during and after a procedure. The swelling is reduced when this tool is used. There’s no need for sutures anymore, and bacteria can be reduced significantly at the site of the incisions. The dental procedure also takes a shorter amount of time.

Basically, the use of the soft tissue diode laser is better for the patient in so many ways. It’s better for the dentist because it is versatile and easy to use. It is a very exacting tool that can come in handy when performing various dental treatments.

Proper Tool Selection and Training

At Optima Dental, we only use soft tissue diode laser that is approved by the FDA and by the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD). We also see to it that every practitioner in our clinic who uses the soft tissue diode laser is properly trained.

Not all states, however, allow for the use of the soft tissue diode laser. But it is sanctioned in Georgia, which is good news for all our patients in Lawrenceville.

Not all dentists are also comfortable with new technology. They prefer to stick with the methods they are familiar with, which is why so many dental clinics today still use traditional X-rays. At Optima Dental, we are committed to training ourselves to use modern technology for the greater benefit of our patients. We use digital X-rays, and we also use the soft tissue diode laser.

If you are intrigued by our soft tissue diode laser, you can call us at (770) 962-4322 to learn more about it. At Optima Dental, we are fully committed to using modern methods to provide the best possible care for our patients.

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